Visagov: the best travel affiliate program for bloggers

by Pilar Dujan | May 17, 2023
The world is in the palm of your hand

What does Visagov do?

Visagov’s goal is to help people apply for travel visas for any country in the world. Planning a trip can be extremely stressful, especially if the destination demands visitors have a particular visa. 

The application process for visas can be long and tedious, and any small mistake we make can cause our application to be denied, which means starting from scratch at our own expense. 

This is where Visagov’s mission comes in: if you apply for a visa through our website, you will only have to fill a simplified online form similar for all countries. We offer assistance 24/7 in case of any issues or questions. 

Visagov also allows you to fill the application in your own language. This process is usually done in the language of the country we’re traveling to, but not with Visagov. You can find our application form in English, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Korean and many more languages! 

What is the definition of affiliate programs?

Affiliate programs are a way of doing online marketing

How do they work? Travel affiliate programs have to find an affiliate, meaning someone (a blogger, an online travel agent, etc.) who promotes the company’s services. 

The goal with the visa affiliate program is to increase traffic to a website and sales. The online marketing done by our affiliates helps us to reach new customers.

What’s in it for the affiliates? They can monetize their website’s traffic for free. They can also offer broader services to their users. 

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Why bloggers are joining our visa affiliate program

Travel bloggers are becoming more and more interested in travel programs because they allow them to: 

  • Monetize their blog’s traffic by promoting our products and services. Our affiliates can earn money (commissions) for every sale they generate. 
  • Reach a broader audience by offering a new product on their blog. A great way to increase traffic to a blog is to make sure the content is as engaging, well-rounded and updated as it can be. In this case, bloggers can attract new readers by promoting a new service (travel visas).
  • Increase the quality and credibility of their website: a blogger only is successful if the audience trusts their advice. They need to take their recommendations. By promoting a quality service such as Visagov, bloggers can improve their reputation even more. Our affiliates also gain access to new resources and tools which will improve their website’s quality and design. 
  • Save their time and effort: bloggers would no longer need to keep researching new topics or products for their blog. By creating high quality and engaging content relating to travel affiliate programs, they will most likely earn bigger commissions and links from other websites.

Does our visa affiliate program work on an international scale?

Yes. If your affiliates are all from the same country, this will be difficult. 

Nevertheless, if you can expand your network, you will also gain access to clients from new places. 

Since Visagov offers their services in many languages, we get to work with affiliates and users from all over the world. 

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How does Visagov’s travel affiliate program work for bloggers?

When affiliates join our visa affiliate program, we provide them with their personalized link, which they will use to promote our product. 

It will also be a key part of their commissions earning. Each time a customer clicks on the personalized link and makes a purchase, we register automatically which affiliate it’s coming from. Our system will then assign a commission for that affiliate. Pro tip: repeated sales increase the value of the commission earned! 

Every time a customer clicks on the link, they generate a cookie that lasts for one year. Every new click restarts the one year counter. 

Affiliates also are granted access to our assets and banners, customizable to the needs of their websites. If they don’t or can’t use them, they can earn their commissions just with their personalized link.

Learn how to join our affiliate program!

You can join us in one easy step. Just visit our website, fill out this short and simple form with your personal information and start earning! 

Online form to join the affiliate program for bloggers of Visagov

Become a part of our program!

After signing up, you will be granted access to Post Affiliate Pro, the leading affiliation software, from where you will be able to manage your account, check your commission earnings and download our free assets

What about the commissions?

The main upside of joining travel affiliate programs is the ability to earn extra money. Our affiliates, once they reach at least 50€ in commissions, will be able to start asking for payment through Post Affiliate Pro. They will also get to download a receipt for each payment they receive. 

Why is Visagov the best affiliate program to join?

Making sure our clients have a great experience when getting their visa is our top priority. We help them avoid leaving their purchase unfinished by providing them with personalized assistance. Our customers always know they are not alone in the process, and they can reach out to us any time they want to. This also helps our affiliates: there’s less chance of them losing out on a commission because of an abandoned purchase. 

But that’s not all: we also want our customers to use our service more than once. Repeated sales also increase our affiliates’ commission amount.

To make sure our customers are always satisfied with Visagov, we work to make our website and the application process as optimized, simple and streamlined as possible. We also send reminders and do mailing campaigns so our visitors finish with their purchase.