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Things to do in Egypt: main activities and attractions

by Visagov | July 11, 2019
Sphinx monument in Egypt main attractions egypt

Egypt is a country with a rich history. You will be hard-pressed to find another place that can compare: there are so many things to do during an Egypt trip. From the Valley of the Kings to the Giza Necropolis, there are many remnants of history to admire. Aside from the millenia-old attractions, there are many more amazing things to do in Egypt. For example, there is the beauty of the River Nile, the turquoise coasts of Alexandria and the many bustling souks to browse. 

Discover what to do in Egypt, including the attractions you know and some you may not!

Key things to do in Egypt: visiting ancient monuments

Egypt has a renowned and well-preserved history, with around 80 pyramids still standing today. This can be seen especially well at Giza, where there are 3 well-preserved pyramids, including the largest Great Pyramid. As every traveler knows, exploring the Pyramids is one of the best things to do in Cairo, Egypt. 

Amongst the Giza pyramids, one can also find the Sphinx standing proudly in the Sahara sun. As these sites are not far from the capital city of Cairo, you can easily explore these ancient monuments while still having the comfort and energy of the city. 

Further south along the Nile is the city of Luxor, which has an abundance of ancient statues and temples, some of the most popular things to do in Egypt. With the Nile river in viewing distance, water activities such as boat trips are also a fun option. If a coastal vacation is more to your liking but you still want culture and history, then Alexandria has castles, palaces and libraries for you to visit.

When you’re not exploring the many historical sites this ancient seafaring city has to offer, you can relax by the turquoise blue waters of the Mediterranean, one of the best things to do in Egypt.  

ancient temples in Luxor in Egypt

Things to do in Cairo, Egypt

Cairo is a bustling city with a lot of fun activities. There are many bazaars and souks to shop in, such as the Khan el-Khalili souk in the El-Gamaleya district. You can find many interesting souvenirs and keepsakes in the souks, such as incense sticks or hand-crafted trinkets.

There are also a variety of restaurants where you can try traditional Egyptian cuisine, with dishes like ful medames, shawarma, baba ghanoush, halva, couscous and hummus. 

One of the top things to do in Egypt: cruises on The Nile

One beautiful and relaxing way to enjoy the sights is by taking an Egypt cruise through the Nile. River cruises are also an option. Either way, you will get to see exciting wildlife taking a dip in the refreshing waters such as crocodiles, lizards, turtles and many species of fish.

You can also find interesting plants along the banks, such as palm trees and papyrus, which ancient Egyptians used to make paper and cloth. You can also go swimming in the Nile, however it is important to ask your tour guide or locals to check if the waters are clean and safe in the area you’re in before you dive in. 

Overall, Egypt is a warm and friendly country. Egyptians have many ways to show appreciation and make their guests feel invited, such as providing feasts of home-cooked food, drinking together and showing them around the important sights of their area. In return, all that the locals ask of tourists is to be respected. Enjoy your trip, you will never run out of things to do in Egypt!