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Is Cambodia safe? All the advice you need for a smooth trip

by Visagov | July 23, 2019
Buddhist temple in Cambodia

Cambodia is a fantastic country with an incredibly rich legacy. There are many things to do in Cambodia: the country is known for its white sand beaches, the rivers that flow through its jungle, the sophisticated Buddhist pagodas and delicious cuisine. But is Cambodia safe? The answer, thanks to tourism, is yes. Here’s all you need to know.

Is Cambodia safe to travel?

Security has improved significantly, as has the general situation of the country. For example, the poverty rate has been reduced to more than half since 2004. Today, more than 5 million tourists visit the country every year and it is a growing trend.

Since tourism is their main source of income, not only for the government budget but also for the private sector, the safety of tourists is the number one priority.

Is Cambodia safe from pickpocketing?

Pickpocketing and theft of bags or belongings, as in all destinations, is a risk to be taken into account in Cambodia. Be on high alert on public transport, in markets and in crowded areas. On the other hand, if you rent a motorcycle or bicycle, it is advisable that you buy and use your own security padlock: it is the most effective way to avoid theft.

Cambodian monks in Angkor Wat temple, Is Cambodia safe

Is Cambodia safe to visit?: Possible scams

You should check every Cambodian riel that is given to you in clubs or business establishments to avoid falling for counterfeits

Is it safe to travel to Cambodia and use public transport?

Be careful on public transport in Cambodia to avoid theft, especially on trains and night buses. Also, do not accept food or drinks from strangers. 

If you rent your own motorcycle, be aware of the fact that road rules are practically nonexistent and the driving standards are bad. You should always use a helmet, a general rule when riding motorcycles. 

In addition, it is vital that you verify that your travel insurance covers this type of travel. 

Finally, if possible, do not choose boats to move around the country. They are usually overloaded and poorly maintained, so the probability of an incident occurring is high.

Is Cambodia safe from natural dangers?

During the monsoon season, between May and October, floods and typhoons are quite frequent. In this sense, being informed is essential. To do this, you must refer to the Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System.

Is Cambodia safe for women travelers?

A general rule of thumb for female travellers is to avoid taking a tuck-tuck after 8pm when travelling alone and also to avoid the poorly lit streets. The most dangerous area is Siem Reap, so avoid it.

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